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Why Should You Have a Chemical Stress Test?

Stress is a common, but serious problem for a great many people in today's world. Everyone experiences stress at some point in their life, and a small amount of stress is natural, however when stress becomes a long term issue it can have a detrimental effect on your physical and mental well-being.

A chemical stress test can help identify stress related health issues and help you combat them before they become a serious problem.

What Can a Chemical Stress Test Do For Me?

A chemical stress test is a helpful test which is used to determine how effective a person will be at handling different stressful conditions. The test also identifies the short and long term effects that stress may have on the person.

Some of the physical effects that can be assessed by this test include increased heart rate, increased blood pressure, increased acidity, and increased bowel movements.

Chemical stress tests take images of a resting, and stressed heart, then inject a radioactive substance into the patient. This substance becomes concentrated around the heart, and when more images of the heart are taken using a gamma camera, the images can be analyzed to determine the how well the heart is functioning, and the structural integrity of the heart.

Getting Ready For The Test

Your doctor should give you some advice on how to prepare for a chemical stress test. Typically you should avoid eating and drinking prior to the procedure, and you may need to stop taking certain medicines, but your doctor will advise you in more detail about this - you should never cease taking prescription medicines without the advice of a doctor, as abruptly stopping medicines can often be dangerous.

A full Chemical stress test usually takes between two and four hours - the first part usually takes an hour, and the second part around the same length of time.

Looking To the Future

Do not worry about the results of your test, the test does not only identify problems it will help you find solutions to improve your health. You should try to avoid stressful situations, and take time out of your day to day routine to relax.

Consider taking up meditation or yoga, or any other relaxing hobbies. Try to build a daily routine that gives you time to relax, and remember that looking after yourself will improve all aspects of your life, including your health, work life, and family life.

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