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20 Ways to Lower Stress in Your Life

Stress is damaging and it can take a toll on your personal life as well as your career. I dealt with high levels of stress in my former work place. It got so bad that I would feel sick walking into the building.

I came home in bad moods and took it out on my loved ones. Life doesn't have to be that way and you don't have to live stressed out 24/7.

High levels of stress can do major damage to us mentally and physically. Some people have suffered from panic attacks and other physical affects due to tension and stress.

Mentally, you may be worn down and suffer from constant mood swings. I for one felt a lack of energy and stopped caring about my general health in terms of exercise and eating healthy.

Here are some ways to help lower your stress levels:

1. Meditate
2. Learn how to breath better
3. Take mini-vacations
4. Yoga
5. Take naps
6. Separate work life from home life
7. Stop working late hours
8. Become more organized
9. Take things slower
10. Exercise regularly
11. Enjoy quality time with family
12. Take up a new hobby
13. Change careers
14. Become more social
15. Go to more events (shows, concerts, etc.)
16. Take more breaks during the day
17. Cut out bad habits (smoking, eating junk, etc.)
18. Read stress management books
19. Make positive affirmations
20. Get a pet

A surefire way to lower stress and finally live stress free is to follow a stress management program that explains how. I found such a program that may be the perfect fit for you.

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